The New Year Resolution

The New Year People can be classified to the following:

1. Whackos: Totally sane looking insane ones!

A life of trial and error… Changing themselves is a never adjournable agenda at the beginning of every month. They pitifully fail. A matter of surprise! These humankind still doesn’t lose hope in themselves, goes to the extent of going behind the pompous New Year Resolution, which they deep inside know will not work and deeper inside know they have many more years to live (as God has already sent signals informing the race, “Good people die young”).

2. Poindexters: Identifying these people are easy…

Ask them what their New Year Resolutions are, there is an immediate farting sound they make with their mouth. Oh, what an insult! They don’t stop with that, that follows a lecture that begins with, “You need not wait for a New Year to change yourself…” (you feel like hanging yourself as you very well knew, A MAN IS NOT LIKE WHAT HE SEEMS TO BE and still trusted your guts and asked a wrong question to a very wrong guy!) Truth to be said, neither does he wait for the New Year, nor does he change. Not even the answer for this question changes. A Poindexter!

3. The last, but the most valued breed.

When the first and second beings live on earth and breathe oxygen, this third variant lives on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr/Linkedin and breathes likes/shares/ comments. Resolutions are posted, tagged, liked, and shared. And that’s perfect for the Search Engine to Optimize…
These people are called the SOCIAL beings. Too social!


Happy Father’s Day?

The Super Dad

Ohhh God! Didn’t I miss an Exclamation Mark there in the title🙆 That’s a deliberate flaw, I am not scared at the moment. But most of the time I find it difficult to stand in front of him and speak out what I have in heart or mind. He scolds me, screws me up, he…Uh-hoo, I am supposed to say good🙊 HE IS A SUPER AMAZING DAD!😎 Fear makes you go wrong! WRONG in all sense🙅. He isn’t just a good father, a GODFATHER too at times🙊😉 A man I equally LOVE and HATE, EQUALLY! Many might be saying it’s not fair. Let me explain.

Why I love him?

If at all you find anything good in me. May the credits go to him, MY FATHER! He is responsible for the person I am. Just the good-me. No blames!😁

Why I hate him?

Because I love him, otherwise I would have been emotionless…My favourites and his favourites aren’t the same. And our principles too. OPPOSITE ATTRACTS, and thus we are a combination that can never be replaced! NEVER! I know him like none know😎 He? Yes, he knows me too, and that’s why he trains me in a strange way, which even I find strange😇. May be that’s how I should be trained! 😎

Father's Day

This pic is perfect to explain how we are, I have sat like the little girl in this image for so many years, and still I sit the same way, even today this scene happened, that’s because now he enjoys pillion ride more😀

There is nothing better I could do on this day. But HATRED is HATRED, I didn’t wish him yet. Will I? I don’t think so😉

Please Note:
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is ENTIRELY coincidental. Trust me!

Life is wonderfully weird!

“You are recovering”, said Doctor, she gave a muddled look, it was least believable as her body gave her so much of pain. Doctor let her friends enter into the ICU after 48 hours, they were happy to see their recuperating friend, she too was happy to see ‘all’ her friends after 5 years, terribly happy even when it was terrible to be happy at her poor fettle. Two of her friends abroad who couldn’t get to the hospital was 24×2 active online to get to know their dearest friend’s predicament. They tried coming on Skype, but unfortunately and surprisingly that 21st century room only aided medicines, not network. Interrupted Skype ringtone was all over the room, it synced well with the sound electrocardiogram made! She, with that wide smile she usually had, said, “Life is wonderful“. Her friends were energetically involved in Skype, still didn’t miss their friend’s smile. One of the friends sighed with relief as the call got connected and the ringtone was no longer heard, only her friend’s voice at the other end. Shockingly, the girl who had the mobile was pushed from the place were she was all the while seated, doctor and nurses rushed in, that’s when she realized all the tones in the room came to an end together! “Life is weird“, she thought despondently.

Taj Mahal Unfurls Love❤


Taj 8

“The Taj Mahal best describes a good relationship-everyone simply wonders how beautiful it is, few realise how hard it is to build”. These brilliant words were shared to me by my friend, which was a creatively brilliant thought of an Instagrammer, who loves travelling. Reading that post I thought I should write about this Romantic Architectural Work, built by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor dedicating to the love of his life, Nur Jahan, his third wife whom he was much devoted to. “Jewel of Muslim Art”, like how it was stated by the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, which was later awarded with the title, “New 7th Wonder of the World” in the year 2000, but rewarded with the title, “Monument of undying love” by the thousands who have witnessed the beauty, who have heard about or seen through media since when the structure reached completion.


Celebrating a love story that lived 365 years, an immortal tale of love indeed. Its beauty is irreplaceable, the white symmetrical structure which changes its shade (a pure human feeling) from dawn to dusk. At sunrise the original pearl-white mausoleum looks pearly-grey and pale pink, dazzling white when the sun is right at the top of it and orange-bronze when the sun sets.


It confuses today’s architects, as this 16th century architecture is mind-boggling. The period was the Golden Age of Mughal Architecture. Let‘s go beyond the history and architecture, this great structure wouldn’t have happened just because the Mughal Empire was rich, not even because they had talented Architects, never because they were jobless for 20 years! It was all for the Emperor’s love, he wanted a Master Piece to be made, he wanted his love’s mausoleum to be original, a piece that would define a mausoleum even when the era vanishes from the Earth. Unlike he thought, he gave a definition for love, the maximum love we can deluge with on our beloved.

It’s tranquil beauty attracts 7–8 million visitors a year, half of the group being the newly wed. Taj was, is and will always be a love story. A connotation for love for all ages to come.November isn’t near you have enough time to plan a trip to this beautiful place so you can catch the place that unfurls love at it’s Winter!


Morning Blues? Not Again 💪😀

Every morning, out of your cosy bed, for a girl above twenty will have lots to think, or nothing at times😇. You hear the birds chirping, but you listen to your brain talking about your dreams, what you need/want in life, what you never want in life, what job would perfectly suit you, what to post-graduate on, how to safeguard yourself from the “wedlock”-lock! What an ideal word😉…You are surrounded with “counsellors”, not everyone a professional, it can be your parents or an outsider who is a little too prying. These counsellors destructs your inner peace nothing beyond. The positive side- an excercise for their own fleshy muscular organ in mouth!

You fight in life, you get it in life! Otherwise like me you need to keep writing, making it look like you are inspiring hundreds, in fact you are doing it for your soul🙆. Get ready for a great day, imagine it’s your last, that’s how you make a day perfect😀…Cheers😍✌ Have a fantabulous day friends!

…I am fully Inspired😄…


Confident, Bold, Hot, Sexy- A red lip suggests what?

You find red liquid known as blood flowing at the scene of an accident, it indicates danger and fear. You see balloons with the same color on Feb 14, your emotion is no where near fear but love and romance. You see the same hot color on the lips of a hot lady doing an immoral job, that is truly seductive. One color and too many emotions so let’s ferret out the science behind a red lip.
When lip happens to be painted with red, science say it’s sexy and there is a reason. Early humans, a group we have only heard of, a time humans covered themselves with leaves or may be not even that, so cosmetics at that period is like talking about a early man using i-phone. When sexually titillated, blood rushes to the lips making that feature on our face swell and become more red, this signals to a potential mate that their courtship gestures are more likely to be reciprocated and consummated- this is Science.
Not withstanding the scientific reason Hollywood has changed the whole view from seductive color to a bold color, showing off the confidence and fire instigated in oneself by flaunting it on red carpet which has changed the on-lookers’ field of vision which engendered women to paint their lips red for interviews.
You choose your lip color, you give it a definition. This proves that the color has no definition of it’s own. There isn’t a bad color or a good color, it’s a bad choice and a good choice. Fashion has no rules, just choose!

Confident, Bold, Hot, Sexy- A red lip suggests what?


MOST WANTED- Answers for these Unanswerable Questions

Where is our world advancing to? What is the man heading to?

The newspapers shudder down a true man’s spine. The kids being sexually harassed by the respected people in the society. I apologize, I shouldn’t use this, the ‘so-called respected’ people is perfectly suitable for those vulture-like humans. Approximately 5 children die every day because of child abuse. And there are thousands who never said to any fearing it’s consequences.

Why do we need rules? Why do we still call ourselves human beings? Why do we need schools when education isn’t helping us think like a human? Why are we so inert? Why do we just read newspapers and set aside? Why is our country called ‘Democratic’ when we fear of getting killed even when we have the freedom to speak?


We are a little empathetic,
our eyes get filled with tears
when it meets another tear-filled one;
We are a little frustrated,
when we don’t get the promised;
We are a little inspiring,
when we care for the penurious;
We are a little bewildered,
when we find life is riding us nowhere;
We are a little heart-broken,
when one prefers to leave our lives;
We are a little too happy,
when one prefers to stay with us
no matter how hard it is to;
We are a little crazy,
when we chase our wildest dreams
or ‘impossible’ dreams as called by the pragmatists;
We are a little impulsive,
when we comment on what we know the least;
We are to be too thankful to the Almighty,
as we ‘the little beings’ are miscellany of emotions
of which only He has cognizance of.

Memories…turning back the pages of life, I found this…

Article: Educated or Uneducated.
Read a Watsapp post some time ago which made me think about “getting graduated“. For me it’s one more year to go. I am doing civil engineering right now and the thought that I would be out of this process of making engineers really makes me confused .One reason is that I am a ‘theory being’, to be precise rich in theory (I guess ;-p) but deficient in practical ideas.I request the syllabus inventors of technological universities to add lot more of practicals. Practically taught theories are not easily erased by the brains. I am still an incomplete engineer hope it becomes a ‘complete engineer’ some day.

Getting educated you are made ready to face the competitive world. For me getting educated has been an expensive headache. Tests, Exams, Marks,…even though it’s all for a happy ending, path maneuvered is not easy. If it’s a lot of struggle for educated how would it be for the uneducated. I guess it’s been more easier for them unlike how it really should have been. Business doesn’t need education, but an all time active brain. Be it local ‘thatukadas‘, road side textile shops, groceries.Some make money more than an engineer does. This is what makes me feel learning probability in Math worthwhile! When you toss a coin it can be a head or a tail, you call it ’50-50’. And that’s the point I am reaching to. As a typical theory based engineer I can end my article not more wonderful than this. Human beings can be basically classified as:
1.Lucky educated beings;
2.Lucky uneducated beings;
3.Unlucky educated beings and
4.Unlucky uneducated beings. 🙂

Date: 04-08-2015